Wendy Goldsmith writing her Yoga Community Vision plan



– What you have to offer (it’s probably not what you think)

– What the heck to put in your yoga bio

– Who your ideal students are (some surprises here too!)

– What your people need to hear

– How to serve your people online (before they meet you!)


Hi there!


I’m Wendy.

The first year that I managed social media and blogs for a yoga nonprofit were terrible.

Almost nobody read or shared my posts. But then I stopped promoting workshops and started telling stories about all the mistakes I’d made as a yoga teacher. Engagement skyrocketed. 50 Likes climbed to 600 Likes. Our followers increased by 400%.

So I started my own communication business to help yoga teachers like you nurture community too. Because that’s the secret to building a business you love: community.

The first step is figuring out what kind of community you want to grow. That’s what this worksheet is for!



Wendy Goldsmith, yoga teacher, sits on a yoga mat in a twist smiling at the camera

Wendy has worked tirelessly to build the Yoga Outreach brand. Since she joined our team we have seen significant growth in engagement across all of our social media platforms. We have particularly appreciated her consistent approach to building on themes and campaigns which have built up our credibility in the marketplace over time.

Delanie Dyck, Executive Director, Yoga Outreach