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Before planning a campaign or website, you need to understand your audience. Use this worksheet to help you figure it out.

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Are you on a mission to support greater mental health, social justice, and creative, meaningful work in our communities?

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I’m a writer with a storytelling style and sharp SEO skills who knows how to make audiences feel seen, supported, and inspired

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Writing and Editing Services

 You take care of the teaching and leave the writing to me. Hire me to write bios, newsletters, or web pages that compel potential students to register for classes.

Planning and Strategy Services

Step-by-step guidance for establishing a specialty and attracting students and work that’s the right fit for you. I can help you get started, or review what you’ve already got going.

Free Community Vision Worksheet

To build community, you need to to understand what you have to offer and what your people need. This free worksheet guides you through the six questions you need to answer to manifest your ideal community.

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Wendy Goldsmith Yoga Wellness Content Strategist

About Me

Hi. I’m Wendy. 

I rescue wellness entrepreneurs from marketing frustration so they can build beautiful communities and sustainable businesses. 

Hire me to write your content, or show you how to manage your marketing.

I’ve got two decades’ of experience in marketing and wellness to share.


I have a Reiki and Yoga business and contracted Wendy to help me with new outreach materials and strategy. I was very impressed with Wendy's creativity, professionalism and attention to detail. The package she provided far exceeded my expectations. Her suggestions are not only creative but also practical and she does it all with patience and kindness.

Virginia Paquete, Blissful Path Healing and Yoga

Wendy's skills with social media have tremendously expanded the audience of Yoga Outreach. Combined with her exceptional writing, Wendy's marketing efforts have expanded our network and reach from being a locally-based organization to an organization with national and international reach. I highly recommend her services and find her warm, friendly, and easy to work with.

Farah Nazarali, Board Member, Yoga Outreach

I was surprised it took just one conversation with Wendy for her to provide a SWOT analysis that demonstrated her immediate understanding of where I was in my business, my strengths and most importantly where I was falling short. Her analysis provided clarity and actionable next steps that allowed me to move me forward.

Drew Climie, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher,

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Nonverbal or Nonspeaking

Nonverbal or Nonspeaking

When I started working for a disabilities nonprofit, one of my first projects was a social media post about language: Should you say nonverbal or nonspeaking when describing a person who doesn't speak aloud? They provided me an article written by an expert on the...

Using Personas in Yoga Marketing

Using Personas in Yoga Marketing

And Grow Your Online Community I imagine many yoga teachers and wellness practitioners hear “target audience” and imagine a room full of smarmy mad men zeroing in on their next gullible victims. But I’m a yoga teacher and mental health advocate, and I love creating...

Don’t Promote Yoga Classes, Offer Community

Don’t Promote Yoga Classes, Offer Community

Of course, you want your yoga business to succeed. It’s your baby, your life’s passion, your san kalpa! But who knew you’d have to put so much effort into promoting your yoga classes? And, (eek!) yourself!?! You might get over the icky feeling if your yoga promotions...

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