How to Write an Amazing About Page

Free Live Workshop – Aug 25, 12 noon PST

Course Content:

  • Why your About page is your best tool for booking clients
  • Essential sections to include
  • First, second, third? Deciding order
  • What parts of your story to tell – and what to leave out
  • Making your ideal clients feel seen
  • Leading potential clients to your Booking and Services pages
  • Tricks for connecting with hesitant clients

Bonus: Crafting the perfect “I help” or mission statement.


Attract Your Ideal Clients or Students

In this FREE workshop, I’ll show you how to make a personal connection with potential clients through your About Page.

Hi, I’m Wendy.

 When I was struggling with depression and anxiety one of the hardest parts was finding the right professional to help me.

It was scary choosing yoga classes or counsellors based only on a website.

And it was exhausting taking a chance, only to find out that we weren’t a good match in person.

That’s why I decided to help yoga and wellness professionals make really great About pages for their websites. So their ideal clients can find them!

The tips in this workshop are based on my two decades of experience in communications and yoga.


Wendy Goldsmith, yoga teacher, sits on a yoga mat in a twist smiling at the camera